Eastwood Fire November 12, 2015

Eastwood fire 3
Photo credits to Gabriel Luna Patiño
Eastwood fire
Photo credits to Marissa Gilda Nebrida Balmaceda


On our way home from McKinnley a big firetruck is passing thru the heavy traffic of C5 right after Market Market going northbound. But upon reaching rosario bridge we saw a big gulf of flames and smoke that we estimated is along the Eastwood Calle Industriya.

In the vicinity of Calle Industriya, The side street right after the former Total gas station. The smoke can be seen from the other side street that leads into Eastwood. The fire is threatening the factories and warehouses surrounding it that’s why over 20 firetrucks have been coming to the rescue. Calle Industriya from C5 is closed. Electricity has been cut off as well – comments posted Marissa Balmaceda

It was said the Eastwood fire began at a carton factory of that area Barangay Bagong Bayan Obrero. Homes and factory along this area is in great danger because of this large fire.

thanks janet courtesy of san juan central fire and rescue volunteer



Ashes from the said fire is reaching San Juan, Mandaluyong and other parts of Quezon City. So if your going to pass by this area would suggest to find other alternate route and avoid the heavy traffic.