DOH announce Misting does not protect COVID-19

Today of April 10, 2020, Department of Health announced that spraying and misting does not protect against COVID-19 that may even cause harm.

We can say about this one what the use of misting done by our municipalities and barangay? The misting booth before you enter our palengke? Misting of vehicles entering the checkpoints. We had used the materials in other important items like vitamins to boost the immune system of our people.

Also add what the proper way of misting? Misting the road and gates.  Is this misting solution safe for our plants and bees? It won’t affect the paint our the car vehicles? Why I ask coz we saw several photos they are misting the plants. “Hindi naman siguro sila nagdidilig diba”

You can notice people doing the misting are not wearing proper clothes just thinking the risk of our workers doing the misting.

Being honest knowing this announcement made me more scared. We been misting our own place and items from the grocery in knowing this will disinfect against COVID-19. So DOH how do you expect us to disinfect our surroundings and items. Do we need to stop buying bleach for disinfecting items? Hope we get some more clarification from Department of Health about this one.



ANNOUNCEMENT: DOH does not recommend spraying or misting. There is no evidence to support that spraying of surfaces or large-scale misting of areas, indoor or outdoor with disinfecting agents, kills the virus.

Spraying or misting has an additional health concern as it can:
1. Cause pathogens to be dispersed further during spraying
2. Result to skin irritation and inhalation of chemicals
3. Cause environmental pollution

DOH advises to soak objects or disinfect surfaces to kill the virus.



Here are some of the reaction of our fellow citizens
  • Untrained personnel Mixing & Using Disinfectant Chemicals without Proper Respirator Face Mask and Coveralls are Hazardous To Health Of Everyone In The Community.
  • disinfectants kill the virus… yes?
    disinfecting the surface of objects could by done by spraying and misting also… yes?
    So, what is not advised is the direct misting or spraying of people… yes?
    Issue guidelines please.
  • DOH itself started disinfecting hospitals, malls and many other places NOW after 1 month you are telling this. How much money people has already spent on this. This is not a new pls be very concrete on your advice DOH.
  • Why were we informed just now when in fact our barangay has been disinfecting our streets with misting twice a day! Then it could have been safer if there is no disinfecting thru spraying or misting
  •  LGUs have been doing that for a couple of weeks now and you’re just saying that now? We could have saved time and money and spent it on something more worthwhile.
  • jusmiyo…if it was announced earlier…local gov’t would have used the funds set aside for disinfectant to provide add’l relief goods.
  • last time you told us not to wear masks yet sec. nograles advised the public to wear. FYI hindi lang po dito sa pinas ginagawa yan even in other countries