Cong. Mark Cojuangco makes history with Nuclear Advocacy Recognition

Filipino solon becomes 1st Asian to receive award from American Nuclear Society

Morong, Bataan – In a historic event, Pangasinan 2nd District Representative Mark Cojuangco has become the first Asian and Filipino at that, to receive the Distinguished Public Service Award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS) during the recently held 2023 ANS Annual Meeting: Opening Plenary in Indianapolis, USA.  

Known as the premier organization for nuclear sciences and technologies, the ANS is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives and preserving the planet through the utilization of nuclear science. By fostering a connected and engaged professional community, the organization strives to empower individuals who contribute to the advancement of nuclear science and technology for the benefit of humanity. 

This year, ANS presented its Distinguished Public Service Award to Cong. Cojuangco, acknowledging his exceptional efforts in advocating for nuclear energy and emphasizing his crucial role in addressing the Philippines’ energy crisis. This accolade is reserved for public servants like Cong. Cojuangco, who exhibit leadership in energy policy formulation, public enlightenment, and significant contributions to the betterment of humanity on a national or international level. 

Cong. Cojuangco, currently serving as the chairman of the House of Representatives Special Committee on Nuclear Energy, has played a pivotal role in advancing the discussion surrounding nuclear energy in the Philippines. His unwavering dedication to raising awareness and promoting nuclear energy as a viable solution to the country’s energy crisis has earned him acclaim both domestically and internationally. 

For Alpas Pinas, a non-stock, non-profit organization that leads in advocating the use of nuclear energy as a clean energy source, the significance of this award extends beyond Cong. Cojuangco’s individual achievement.  

“As the Philippines faces a pressing energy crisis and a need to explore sustainable energy options, nuclear energy emerges as a promising solution. Congressman Cojuangco’s recognition by the ANS highlights the country’s potential to harness nuclear energy, offering reliable, safe, and affordable energy while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Gayle Certeza, convenor of Alpas Pinas. 

Meanwhile, for Cong. Cojuangco, this recognition serves as motivation and highlights the strides the Philippines is making in embracing nuclear energy as a viable and sustainable power source. 

“I consider this recognition both as a motivation and a greater responsibility to continue advancing safe, clean, and affordable electricity for every Filipino. Carrying this award, I am fueled by a stronger desire to push our nation towards the realization of reliable electricity through the assistance of nuclear energy,” Cong. Cojuangco said in a Facebook post. 

As the Philippines charts a course towards embracing nuclear energy, Cong. Cojuangco’s pioneering achievement and ANS recognition reinforce the nation’s determination to explore innovative solutions to its energy challenges. With the solon and Alpas Pinas at the forefront of nuclear energy advocacy, the Philippines is poised to embark on a promising path that meets its energy demands while building a sustainable future.