Coca-Cola supporting women micro-entrepreneurs.

CocaCola has been committed to supporting women micro-entrepreneurs in the country. Through our 5by20 program, we aim to empower five million Filipinas by 2020 by providing them the means and skills to sustain a small business of their own.

Coca-Cola launched the #SariSaringHappiness campaign, which you’ve been a part of, and now want to take it further ​to the grassroots by making people realize the role of women entrepreneurs in their communities – and how they actually bring happiness to the whole neighborhood.

Watch it here:

My mother was once a micro-entrepreneur

When I was still young my mom decided to make a make shift store or “Tindahan” inside of our garage. She wanted to do something while looking after us at home. She will place tables inside of our garage facing the gate so that buyers can see her items for sale. We situated in front of school so her items is all school supplies and snacks. She also sells merienda and soft drinks to drivers and “bantay” while waiting for their “sundo”.

Having a mini-store in front of our house make my mom busy and not bored. Also she likes earning some cash during her spare time. Sometime I ask if I can have Coca-cola with my sandwich for merienda.

As of now she stopped her mini store and just got tired of moving and placing all her items on the table each and everyday.


At the end of the day,  people to have a brand new appreciation of women owning small businesses and how they’ve been a significant part of our lives.