Camera Car CCTV Road Recorder with IR Sensor Hands-On Review

Camera Car CCTV Road Recorder with IR Sensor a

Car CCTV or better known as dashcams used in all Russian motorist and in the United States. It’s just this past years that dashcam are gaining popularity here in the Philippines because drivers wanted to video their travels in reference in case they encounter in an accident or crime along the way. It’s a security that any driver would love to have especially while on the road with crazy drivers especially in the Philipppines.

My brother gave us a Camera Car CCTV Road Recorder with IR Sensor for our car to try on. A usage of dashcam for security and protection


Efficient video recording
This Car CCTV Camera Road Recorder features a 120 degree viewing angle and InfraRed Night Vision, which captures quality videos in dim light settings. The WVGA 720p max output allows for computer enhancement to help identify people and features captured on video. Raw footages can be reviewed using its 2.5 inch TFT LED Screen. Recording automatically after your car powers up, this Camera Road Recorder supports real time video so you have clear and crisp footage for threats to your vehicle.

Back-up your files
Your videos can be saved on an SD/MMC memory card of up to 32GB. Recordings can be cycled by section. Its advisable to back-up your video files regularly using an external hard drive or consider utilizing Google Cloud storage. The Car CCTV operates using rechargeable Li-ion batteries, be sure to keep a spare for easy replacement. This compact CCTV Camera can be fixed easily via screws or suction on your car dashboard or windshield. It can even be used as a back-up CCTV camera for establishments, just tweak the desired settings.

As the streets are growing unsafe, it’s always wise to invest on your family’s safety. Equip your car’s front and rear view with the Car CCTV Camera Road Recorder to provide an extra ounce of protection while on the road.

Security Cameras in Today’s Life
Today, the usage of security cameras has spread to the home as domestic security is also a concern. It provides peace of mind for people to leave their valuable belongings at home. Browse through Lazada’s wide range of cameras for more devices to choose from.





Wide Angle: 120 Degree
Special Features: Loop recording / IR Night Vision / Time stamp
Camera: 1.3 mega pixels
Movie format: AVI
Movie Resolution: SXGA (1280×960 30fps) / D1 (720×480 30fps) / VGA (640×480 30fps)
Record Time: 2/10/15 minutes
Still Image: Image File Format:JPEG
Picture Resolution: 1.3 M / VGA
Display LCD Monitor: 2.5″ TFT LCD (270 Degrees Rotation)
Motion Detection: Yes
Night Vision: Yes, IR 6-LED
Storage slot: SD Card slot (up to 32 GB)
Interface: USB 2.0 high speed
Audio: Built-in microphone(can record the video without audio)
Languages: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Russian /
Power Source: Powered by rechargeable 800 mAh battery / DC 5V, Car charger input: 12-24V


Camera Car CCTV Road Recorder with IR Sensor b

1 x USB Cable
1 x Car Mounting Holder
1 x Rechargeable 800 mAh battery
1 x Car Charger (DC 12~24 V)
1 x English/Chinese user manual
If your going to check out here our video you can see the difference at night and in daytime. At night time you can see the lights is glaring and you can’t even see the plate number of the other cars at the distance. The audio is bad but what matters most is the video footage right. We notice that when the IR activating there would be lines visible during the recording. We assume that because the dashcam is working so hard to take the shoots its compromising the quality of the video recorded.  During the daytime you can see the plate number clearly once the car is in front of you.
 Camera Car CCTV Road Recorder with IR Sensor c
  • provide an extra ounce of protection while on the road.
  • the streets are growing unsafe, it’s always wise to invest on your family’s safety.



  • the display at night is not clear
  • the audio is awful
  • it can’t get a clear visual of the plate number in a distance and the sides.


the price range is about 1,ooo up to 3,000. I checked out online they are selling this about 700 only.


If your on a look out for a basic dashcam and a cheap one I can get this one. But for me I would invest more for a better cam that can record clear shoots especially at night when accidents often happen.


*** this hand-on review is our personal and not in any way sponsored or paid. We give honest review and we are not selling anything. We wanted to be known as a reliable and honest writer that people can trust. We been using the product for months already we even changed the memory card but still the same output.


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