Bike Lane EDSA should be removed

Biker Edsa

I saw this video in Facebook and this made me mad to the biker and the government. If you could notice the biker just freely swerved to the left with any care at all. It’s like he just biking at the park and not thinking of the vehicles on the road. Also he has no any protective gears, helmet and I believe that the biker is wearing his headphones while biking.

Bikers should know and be responsible while biking. A responsible biker knows to wear protective gears and bike on the right way. He didn’t even slowed down and gave a hand signal for his intention of turning.

If I where the driver of this SUV I would say to the biker that he should be the one paying me for the damages. Why? Because of him my car is damages and he is the one who hit my car in the first place.

But here in the Philippines such reasoning is not applicable. They always see the small vehicle the victim even though it’s their fault.

The government should do about this one and give responsibilities to the biker, motorcycle rider and pedestrian. Create a bike bill, Motorcycle bill and a Pedestrian Bill saying that if an accident is caused by them they should be the one to pay. That even that they hurt by the accident but it’s their fault the other party is not in any way liable. With this bill all bike, motorbike and pedestrian shall think twice and be more careful.

It is not right to give all the responsibility to the cars and other vehicles once an accident happen. There should be a seminar for this one and the bill should be circulated so that the people should know about this one.

Also bikes should not be allowed in the major highways like EDSA. With the vehicles being fast and big a bike has no chance of surviving a major accident.

I call on the government to do about this one. This one is not will benefit me but surely will benefit the bikers, riders and pedestrian. I don’t hate them but seeing such irresponsible people like this makes me angry. Bike should take alternate route if bike lane is not provided to avoid any accidents.

Here are some reactions of people upon seeing this video and everybody would agree it’s the biker’s fault and he should be the one paying for the damages from the SUV and not the other way around.





Here is the link to see the video:



From our dashcam yesterday morning, kasalanan ng….

Posted by Don Bagsit on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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