Art & Clothing at Spectrum Lifestyle Store!

It’s not everyday that you can visit a shop that has almost everything in it, which is why I was pleased with the Spectrum Lifestyle Store and its variety of clothes and arts.


They had just opened this October at the Commerce Center in Filinvest, Alabang directly below the cinemas.


First impression on the shop is; it’s small and not different but after making the rounds I realized they didn’t just sell clothes they also sold artworks/ prints. These caught my eye almost immediately and it pleased me too.


Besides the usual printed shirts that most youngsters are into these days, there are also baby clothing in the store! Clothes by Bug & Kelly for toddlers with the same range of design as their adult clothes, you can almost find matching attires to wear with your kid.


Spectrum is basically a rainbow; a band of colors. Spectrum Lifestyle store seems to be leaning in to this definition, by offering more than one colorful thing: providing patterned baby wear, printed clothing for adults, framed prints and drawings for the home and even sportswear designed to look good an a stay-at-home artist.


There are plans of opening an art workshop upstairs, according to the owner; although that portion of the store is still underway I am looking forward to the outcome. The intended workshops will include Calligraphy, Brush Lettering/ Lettering and possibly Tote design and so on.


This is Spectrum Lifestyle’s first store, no other branches anywhere, it’s their first which is why I am looking forward to how they’ll fare this year. There will be a grand opening this November, no specific date set yet but by then the workshop upstairs will have been ready for visitors.

Spectrum Lifestyle Store is located at the Ground Floor of Commerce Center, Filinvest, Alabang

Visit their Instagram @spectrumlifestylestore

Email: [email protected]

Contact# 0917.522.1891/ 0917.539.1720