Alcatel launches their new product this June

Alcatel just announced its three new products for the Filipino market the Idol4S+VR, Move Time Track & Talk watch and Plus 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard will be launched this June. Alcatel not only targets businessmen but also the Millennials and children. They have a wide range of products that can fit any lifestyle.

Idol4S & VR

Every smartphone company is coming up in their line up smartphone that comes with VR glasses. Almost everybody getting into the bandwagon of virtual reality. There are companies selling their VR glasses separate with their smartphone. But with Alcatel they already bundled up IDOL4S with its own VR glasses taking that user’s experience to the next level.

Alcatel IDOL 4S with it BOOM Key is custom-made in taking photos, videos, listening to music, gaming and user interface.

Who can resist the IDOL4S that comes with a 16-megapixels rear facing camera and a 8 megapixel front camera. It has a 2k Amoled screen display and a 3000mAh battery. The packaging design transform into a pair of virtual reality goggles you can use it anytime and anywhere for that 360 viewing or gaming.

MoveTime Track and Talk Watch

Alcatel recognize the needs of parents and their children in making the MoveTime Track and Talk Watch is designed specifically for children. The Move Time Track & Talk is designed for parents to be able to call, send message and track their children. Children can reply to calls from up to 10 pre-set contacts and make calls to 5 registered contacts.

The Alcatel Move time Track and Talk watch is compatible with both IOS7 and Android 4.3. The battery can last on standby time lasting up to four days.

Alcatel Plus 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard

Alcatel Plus 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard you can use three different mode – laptop mode, tablet mode, display mode. You can use the Alcatel Plus 10 anywhere you go even while on transit. You can easily type and do your job while stuck in traffic inside the comfort of your car. The tablet and 4G LTE keyboard has its own battery and if combined you have a total of 8,410 mAh that would last at least 8 hours.

The 4G LTE serves not only as a keyboard for the Plus 10 tablet but also as a WI-Fi hotspot for up to 15 users having sim slot so you can make the keyboard as a wi-fi hotspot.  The 4G LTE keyboard have a usb, micro usb slot and a sd card slot that you can expand up to 64GB. Color available are Volcano Black, White, Metallic Silver and Warm grey leather.

During our one-on-one interview with Ms. Liza Woods

During our interview with Ms. Liza Woods – Alcatel Regional Director for Asia-Pacific and Country Manager for the Philippines shared to us Alcatel vision and innovating more mobile devices for its customers.


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