A Barbie Funtabulous Time in Okada Manila!

PASAY, PHILIPPINES — Let’s talk about what were the inspirations and images we looked up to when we were younger. At some point, we have a show, or a specific toy, or anything that reminds us of our childhood and have grown up with it. It varies a lot from person to person.   

Was it a purple mascot who distinctly believed that loving one another is essential? Was it a red mascot who absolutely loves his goldfish and crayon? Or was it a blonde fashionista who told you that “You can be anything you want to be!” Namely, Barbie?

When the trailer of the first live-action Barbie movie came out, we were absolutely thrilled!  

The excitement boosted up even more when we went to The Cove, Okada Manila for the Funtabulous Daycation VIP Media Day for the promotion of the Barbie movie. 

As someone who loves pink, it was a dream to have been in a place that looks like it was designed especially for you. It reminded me of the old days as I walked around the event place like a child roaming around a toy store. It was indeed a thrill. 

“Barbie is more than just a doll, it has been a symbol of power, and endless possibilities. Barbie has inspired hundreds of children to dream big and believe in their potential,

President and CEO of the Richprime Global Incorporated, Myrna Yao

What’s really exciting here is that this themed events place in Okada, the biggest indoor beach party and night club, The Cove, is open for everyone who’d like the experience the Funtabulous Daycation from this weekend to every weekend of July! 

Accompanied with the mini runway of child models, it was just bizzare to see how Barbie impacted the hope of the nation – spreading hope that it is not impossible to reach your dreams as a child. 

The live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie will be on the cinemas starting July 19. Mark your calendars, for you can be anything you want to be! 


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