‘2024 The Great New Year’s Eve Countdown Expedition’ Sheraton Manila Bay Welcomes the New Year

Manila, Philippines, January 03, 2024 – Sheraton Manila Bay joyfully welcomed the arrival of the new year on the 31st of December 2023 with an exhilarating expedition, marking another incredible journey around the sun. The event took place at the Sheraton Club, where groups of friends and families indulged in a wide array of delectable food options, ranging from tantalizing meat cuts to irresistible desserts, all conveniently presented in a lavish buffet style.

To kick off the program, the charming host, Mr. Adrian Pantonial, extended his warm greetings to all the esteemed guests, initiating the first of three thrilling rounds of raffle prizes. Excitingly, lucky participants had the chance to win extraordinary rewards, including enticing gift certificates for a delightful gastronomic experience at Manila Bay Kitchen and luxurious overnight stays for two at various Marriott properties located throughout the Philippines. Following the first round of raffle draws, the host introduced the incredibly talented Crossroad band, who emerged during the challenging and transformative pandemic era. Each member of the band brings forth their unique expertise and creative flair, delivering an exceptional repertoire of timeless hits from the remarkable decades of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as captivating modern tunes.

Couples, friends, and families reveled in the delightful combination of sumptuous cuisine and enchanting melodies, experiencing pure bliss throughout the event. As the night progressed, the host made an exciting announcement, signaling the start of the highly anticipated Rooftop Countdown. With utmost care and safety measures in place, groups of attendees were escorted to the splendid rooftop of Sheraton Manila Bay, where they were graciously provided with trumpets and a sparkling round of champagne.

The DJ booth, surrounded by an atmosphere of pure celebration, became the focal point of the party, with enthusiastic guests eagerly awaiting the commencement of the countdown. The vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm of theattendees further amplified the sense of joy and excitement as they eagerly embraced 2024.

Sheraton Manila Bay embarks on a fresh and exhilarating journey, poised to create countless extraordinary moments, unforgettable gatherings, and captivating activities throughout the year. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, the hotel continues to offer holiday packages that are still available until the end of January 2024. For a detailed overview of Sheraton Manila Bay’s exclusive offerings, please feel free to explore their mesmerizing e-brochure at https://bit.ly/sheratonchristmas2023.

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